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The Peasant War In Germany

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  • Pages:156 pages
  • Edition Year:2010
  • Publisher:Rahul Foundation
  • Language:English
  • ISBN:9789380303062

Book Description

This book, while giving the historic course of the struggle only in its outlines, undertakes to explain the origin of the peasant wars, the attitude of the various parties which appear in the war, the political and religious theories through which those parties strove to make clear to themselves their position; and finally, the result of the struggle as determined by the historical-social conditions of life, to show the political constitution of Germany of that time, the revolt against it; and to prove that the political and religious theories were not the causes, but the result of that stage in the development of agriculture, industry, land and waterways, commerce and finance, which then existed in Germany. This, the only materialistic conception of history, originates, not from myself but from Marx, and can be found in his works on the French Revolution of 1848-49, published in the same review, and in his Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte.


– Frederick Engels

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Frederick Engels

महान क्रान्तिकारी शिक्षक एवं नेता

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