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A Basic Understanding of the Communist Party (Written during the GPCR in China)

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  • Pages:256 pages
  • Edition Year:2017
  • Publisher:Rahul Foundation
  • Language:English
  • ISBN:9788190621267

Book Description

During the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution in China, several books on Marxist philosophy, Political Economy, Social Science,Natural Science and Art-Literature were published under the ‘Youth Self-Education Series’ for the revolutionary education and initiation of Party cadres and the young generation. This book was published under that series. In the Tenth Congress (1973) of the Communist Party of China, a significant theoretical discussion took place on the question of maintaining the dynamic revolutionary character of the Party, the new constitution (which has been given as appendix to this book) of the Party was passed and an important report was presented on the constitution. In this new light, after a long process of deliberation and discussion with the party-cadres and under the guidance of Party leadership, this book was prepared by a working group and an editorial board. In March 1974, 4,74,000 copies of the first edition of this book were printed by the Peoples’ Publishing House, Shanghai. In 1976, the French translation of this book was published by Nouveau Bureau d’Edition, Paris. Then in 1976 itself the English translation of the aforementioned French translation was published by the Norman Bethune Institute, Toronto, Canada. The present book is the first Indian edition of this English translation. For the convenience of readers, in this Indian edition, we have included the constitution of the Communist Party of China which was included as Appendix and the reference notes in the English edition of the book published from Toronto. This book was titled ‘A Basic Understanding of the Party’ in Chinese which had been changed to‘A Basic Understanding of the Communist Party of China’ in the French translation and the English translation published from Toronto. For its Indian Edition, we have retained the title ‘A Basic Understanding of the Communist Party.’

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