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Political Economy, Marxist Study Courses (prepared by the British Communist Party in the 1930s)

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  • Pages:503 pages
  • Edition Year:2021
  • Publisher:Rahul Foundation
  • Language:English
  • ISBN:‎ 9789380303567

Book Description

‘Political Economy, Marxist Study Courses’, was originally published as a series of pamphlets in 1932-33 under the auspices of the British Communist Party. It has been reckoned as one of the best text books on political economy in the history of International Communist Movement. These studies provide a basic outline of Marxist political economy. They give a sound and comprehensive critique of the capitalist system, expose the petty secret of capitalist exploitation and sharply contrast the nature of the capitalist society with the construction of socialist society as it was carried out under Lenin and Stalin in the Soviet Union. The analysis of capitalism and its crises presented in it is extremely relevant and useful even today. It gives a brilliant general description, explanation and critique of the rules of dynamics of capitalism and its basic contradictions.

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British Communist Party

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